How Can I Lower my Child Support Payment?

How can I lower my child support payment?

With the current state of the economy, job loss and unemployment on the rise, the question of child support modification is being asked more frequently. Child support is based on the needs of the child or children, including child care and medical care costs, and the income of each parent. Our firm provides professional Family Law representation for all aspects of family law including child support modification.

If the income of a parent changes after the original agreement is made, the need for modification may arise. Our firm understands the challenges of unemployment and under-employment. If there are changes in the child’s medical care or day care modification may also be needed. Perhaps the child’s living arrangements have changed and they are now spending more time at the contributing parent’s residence. This too could be a contributing factor to have the child support arrangement modified.

A substantial change sufficient to warrant a modification of your support can often be difficult to prove. Many times the client will only have one shot at presenting the case properly to the court which means that the client should be very selective as to which law firm they retain to represent them. At Cohen Battisti we know all of this can be confusing and frustrating at times. Our experienced Family Law attorneys will guide you through the process. We offer free confidential case reviews for your convenience. 


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