How will the Changes to Florida’s PIP Law Affect You?

The PIP (personal injury protection) revisions made to Florida Motor Vehicle No-Fault Law will impact everyone. Two of the changes that were made were to the time frame to receive initial treatment and coverage limits for degree of injury.  At Cohen Battisti we understand how confusing legislation can be at times yet how vital it is that these changes are understood. Below we review those changes in more detail.

Effective January 1, 2013, if you are injured in a car accident you will have to seek medical treatment within 14 days of the occurrence. An individual may receive up to $10,000 if the injury is determined to be an emergency medical condition. Who can make that determination? A medical doctor, dentist, physician’s assistant or advanced registered nurse practitioner. It’s important to note that a chiropractor is no longer able to make that determination. If the injury is not diagnosed as an emergency medical condition the maximum benefit the may receive is $2,500. So how does this affect you?

At Cohen Battisti we can help you understand these and the other complexities of the new revisions. We possess the experience and resources necessary to effectively guide you through each and every aspect of an auto accident.

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