Press Release – The Time to Organize is Now!


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 27, 2013

House Bill 909 (2013) may affect home owners and Florida restoration contractors

The time to act is now! Florida’s restoration industry will unite against HB 909 (2013)

Orlando, Florida, February 27, 2013 – Cohen Battisti Attorneys is joining with the restoration industry and Florida Justice Associations in an attempt to defeat HB 909 (2013). This bill would prohibit assignments under homeowner’s policies. This would be a major blow to the industry and completely give all the power back to the insurance companies. For instance, a restoration company will no longer be protected against insurance companies for jobs that have been performed without being paid up-front. No restoration company will want to do these jobs for free because without an assignment of benefits restorers have no protection. Therefore, if a hurricane were to hit the state of Florida, all the homes that are damaged will go un-repaired until restoration companies receive payment upfront. After that, the damage will be so extensive, insurance companies will deny claims and all the homeowners in Florida will be in a much worse position.

The time to organize is now! Homeowners and the restoration industry should contact their local representatives and tell them how this bill will negatively affect their businesses and homes.

For more information about House Bill 909 (2013) please contact Cohen Battisti Attorneys at (407) 478-4878.

Contact Information: 

Carol M. Palacio
Cohen Battisti Attorneys at Law
1211 Orange Avenue Winter Park, FL 32789
(407) 478-4878



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