ADA Anniversary Week

Information obtained by the United States Department of Justice

In honor of the 23rd anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, each day this week – ADA Anniversary Week – the Department of Justice will highlight a different enforcement action or initiative combating discrimination on the basis of disability.

Today we highlight the Department’s Project Civic Access, a wide-ranging effort to ensure that counties, cities, towns, and villages comply with the ADA by eliminating physical and communication barriers that prevent people with disabilities from participating fully in all aspects of government.  The US Department of Justice’s blog entry today describes a settlement agreement that the Department reached with the Town of Poestenkill, New York, to improve access to all aspects of civic life for persons with disabilities.

To find out more about ADA Anniversary Week and Project Civic Access visit the Justice Blog.  For more general information on the Americans with Disabilities Act visit, or call the toll-free ADA Information Line at (800) 514-0301 (voice) or (800) 514-0383 (TTY).


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